Police Officer Shares His Role in a Community

"My job is to help people when they need help," he said. " And I help keep people safe."

Goggins reminded students that police officers are not out to "get" people, but rather to help the community and make sure everyone stays safe. He said when he stops a person for speeding, it helps keep the driver, passengers and other drivers on the roads safe.

Wearing his utility belt and vest, Goggins showed students the number of tools he has with him every day in his job. Students giggled and wiggled as they tried on the handcuffs and passed around the retractable baton. They were in awe of the shiny police badge and rapped with their knuckles to check the hardness of the protective chest plates worn inside his uniform.

 Goggins shared the importance of calling 9-1-1 only in an emergency and not as a trick. "When you call 9-1-1, police officers drive really fast to your house and that puts us in danger," he said. "You call 9-1-1 only when you or someone else needs help."

He also reminded students to never play with real guns and if they have toy guns they must leave the orange tip on the end so officers know it is only a toy. Goggins shared what his typical day might be like, but noted every day is different and he never knows for sure what his shift will be like.

Woods said it is always helpful to have guest visitors share with her students their real-world experiences.