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Students enjoy the finished class cake and individual cupcakes.

Students Create Super “Sweet” Art Projects

Lee students rolled up their sleeves as they prepared for the day’s art project. But they didn’t need paint brushes, paints or markers. Instead they used measuring cups, rollers and frosting bags. They cracked eggs, measured flour and sugar and other ingredients, squeezed brightly-colored frosting from bags and rolled out fondant to make one-of-a-kind masterpiece cupcakes complimenting their class-themed multi-layer cake.
All Lee Elementary students received a new non-fiction book through a generous donation by a

Book Angel Delivers New Books to Lee Students

The Lee Elementary Book Angel is back. A very generous TK family decided their mission AGAIN this year was to buy every Lee student a book to help foster their love of reading. The nonfiction book "Who Would Win? Walrus vs. Elephant Seal" was chosen. That's more than 450 books purchased! THANK YOU Lee Book Angel for sharing the love of reading with all our Lee Kids! What an amazing gift!


A message from Lee Principal Dr. Angela Jefferson

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Welcome to Lee Elementary School!
Lee is an ambitious and exciting school for our second and third graders. Our staff at Lee is dedicated to providing quality education to all students, guiding them through their early development and monitoring their continued progress in all subject areas. We make learning fun and give students opportunities to be successful in a variety of ways. Through our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, we celebrate success and positive behaviors to build a safe and caring environment for all. Our teachers strive to help students grow both academically and emotionally. 
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