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Elementary Open Houses Set for Aug. 22

Elementary School Open Houses:
All Elementary Schools will have their open houses Aug. 22. Families are asked to attend at each building during time slots assigned by the first letter of their last name as follows:

“Our Kindness Book” Becomes Bestseller in Lee Classroom

Landon Bowman used his imagination to write a story about a lonely tree named “Bob” who made friends with a bird named “Frank.” Ava Kelly used her own experience to write about a new girl in a neighborhood and a boy who helped introduce her to friends.

Students Create Super “Sweet” Art Projects

Lee students rolled up their sleeves as they prepared for the day’s art project. But they didn’t need paint brushes, paints or markers. Instead they used measuring cups, rollers and frosting bags. They cracked eggs, measured flour and sugar and other ingredients, squeezed brightly-colored frosting from bags and rolled out fondant to make one-of-a-kind masterpiece cupcakes complimenting their class-themed multi-layer cake.

Book Angel Delivers New Books to Lee Students

The Lee Elementary Book Angel is back. A very generous TK family decided their mission AGAIN this year was to buy every Lee student a book to help foster their love of reading. The nonfiction book "Who Would Win? Walrus vs. Elephant Seal" was chosen. That's more than 450 books purchased! THANK YOU Lee Book Angel for sharing the love of reading with all our Lee Kids! What an amazing gift!

Hearts Filled with Pride at Kids Heart Challenge

With the music thumping, jump ropes whirling, and students cheering, Lee Elementary students joined in the annual Kids Heart Challenge raising funds raising more than $27,288 for the American Heart Association. Formerly known as Jump Rope for Heart, this program brings awareness to students about the importance of exercise and keeping their hearts healthy.
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