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Students Get Up Close to Sea Turtles

Fawkes suffered a devastating injury leading to a debilitating condition called "Bubble Butt Syndrome." It might sound funny, but it can be deadly for a young sea turtle like Fawkes - named by the South Caroline Aquarium Sea Turtle Hospital employees after a character in the Harry Potter series. Lee Elementary second-graders could see the weights placed on the back end of Fawkes' shell during a Skype session with the aquarium. The weights, they learned, help the turtle dive to get the food he needs.

Second Graders Become Rubik's Cube Masters

When Mr. Barnes' students finish an assignment early or are waiting for class to resume after a break, they often reach for their multi-colored Rubik's Cubes. "It's a way to keep their minds engaged during those short breaks they have throughout the day," said Ethan Barnes. "As a class, we researched the benefits of the Rubik's Cube puzzle and wrote a grant together ."

Skyping Puts Students at South Carolina Aquarium

River otters swam around and around, gracefully gliding through the water and bobbing their heads up every few minutes to see what was going on. It was a one-of-a-kind view for Lee Elementary students as they watched the otters from the rocks high above the water enclosure at the South Carolina Aquarium. No - it wasn't a lavish field trip. Using Skype technology in Lee Elementary's Makerspace room, Mr. Fischer's second-grade class interacted with Susan Snide, a distance learning interpreter for the aquarium.

Lee Elementary Makerspace Inspires Visitors

Blue, green, yellow, orange and white Lego pieces were stacked in varying heights representing different fractions. At a nearby table, Little Bits were used to turn wheels and make lights go on and off demonstrating simple circuits. And later, students used their ingenuity and creativity as they tried to build the tallest tower possible using 100 Keva Planks.
Lee Elementary School's Makerspace room was in the spotlight and guests from East Grand Rapids Schools were impressed.

Police Officer Shares His Role in a Community

Second-grader Colin Goggins stood proudly beside his father in front of his classmates in Stephanie Woods' Lee Elementary classroom. His dad, Officer Tom Goggins with the Portland Police Department, visited the classroom to talk about his role in the community. His experiences fit well with the current Reading Street lesson about being part of a community, what makes a community, and important people within a community.

Bedtime Stories Available Throughout March

Throughout the month of March, a series of Bedtime Story videos will be published on the TK Facebook page. Teachers, staff and administrators throughout the district will be reading some of their favorite books. New videos will be posted at 7 p.m. each night and families are encouraged to gather for these fun bedtime stories!

TAEF Grant and Lee PTO Funds Help Young Readers

Thanks to a grant from the Thornapple Area Enrichment Foundation, Thornapple Kellogg Lee Elementary second-grade teachers were able to purchase the Reading Street Sleuth for classrooms. Additional funds from the Lee PTO provided supportive materials as well.

History Never Tasted So Good!

In celebration of Michigan's 182nd birthday, Lee Elementary third-graders experienced a tasty history lesson and learned some fun facts about the state they call home. From Little Caesars Pizza to Vernors Ginger Ale, Faygo Pop, Kellogg's cereals and much more, students got a taste of Michigan as they explored the state's products and history. They even learned that sometimes, great things come from mistakes.
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