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Elementary Student Reaches 100 Book Goal

At the beginning of the school year, Char Thomas asks her Lee Elementary students to write down their goals for the year. Many say they want to improve their reading skills or work on their math skills. Audrey Lee wrote she wanted to read 100 books - a tall order for a third-grader, but a goal she ultimately achieved.
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Students Get Up Close to Sea Turtles

Fawkes suffered a devastating injury leading to a debilitating condition called "Bubble Butt Syndrome." It might sound funny, but it can be deadly for a young sea turtle like Fawkes - named by the South Caroline Aquarium Sea Turtle Hospital employees after a character in the Harry Potter series. Lee Elementary second-graders could see the weights placed on the back end of Fawkes' shell during a Skype session with the aquarium. The weights, they learned, help the turtle dive to get the food he needs.
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Second Graders Become Rubik's Cube Masters

When Mr. Barnes' students finish an assignment early or are waiting for class to resume after a break, they often reach for their multi-colored Rubik's Cubes. "It's a way to keep their minds engaged during those short breaks they have throughout the day," said Ethan Barnes. "As a class, we researched the benefits of the Rubik's Cube puzzle and wrote a grant together ."
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