Elementary Student Reaches 100 Book Goal

"She was very serious about reading all year," said her teacher Char Thomas. "I've been very impressed. She read well over 1,000 minutes just over the two-week Christmas break. "

Audrey beamed with pride as she stood beside the table stacked high with all the books she has read in the past year.

"I love reading. I wasn't sure I was going to actually meet my goal at all," said Audrey. "I like to read so much because reading can be anything. You can sometimes even make up your own characters."

All of the books were within her reading level and many of them were books in a series. "Ella Diaries"  is one of her favorites, but she said she loved them all. There were lots of  books from the series "Critter Club," "Unicorn Princess,"  "Wish  Fairy," and "Whatever After."

"I just picked out a book and kept reading and if I liked it I would read more of them," said Audrey.

Her parents, Brad and Jenni, encouraged her to continue reading and helped her celebrate her accomplishment at school last week. Jenni said many times she and Audrey would read together.

Lee Principal Angie Jefferson and librarian Cindy Books presented Audrey with a small gift of a dictionary, journal and bookmark for her accomplishment.

"It's quite an accomplishment," said Jefferson. "I don't know that we've had anyone do this before."