Students Create Glowing Projects Using Circuits

During library time, students were given sheets of paper with a simple Halloween picture on one side and a map for making a circuit connection on the other. By folding the paper in half, using a small battery, some copper tape, and a template for a closed circuit, students created their own light up Halloween pictures.
The project got started during library time, but most students had to finish it later in their classroom.
Librarian Cindy Brooks said the project gave students the opportunity to make something while learning about circuits. It also helped them realize they sometimes have to troubleshoot to figure out where their mistakes are and what they need to do to correct the problem.
“We need to let them learn they have the ability to try and to work creatively,” she said.
She told students they might have to troubleshoot and find where they had made a mistake and how they could fix it to make their circuit complete and working.
Students have more opportunities to explore closed circuits in Lee’s MakerSpace room developed last year. The room is a place where students work with hands-on projects, can work collaboratively or alone, and can explore new ideas.