Lee Students Inspired to Help Furry Friends

Shelter officials told them they were in need of cat and dog food and chew toys for the dogs.

Students collected food items and old t-shirts that were transformed into the chew toys.

Kim Gerber from the animal shelter visited the students at Lee to show students how to cut the old t-shirts into strips and then braid the strips to make the chew toys.

"I felt good making the chew toys. It was fun because we got to make a donation and make the animals happy too," said second-grader Logan Shank.

"It made me a better citizen because I learned that there are a lot of ways to help our community. I want to help the community more." said classmate Laila Duits.

Fischer said it was a very positive experience for his young students.

"It was great to see the kids grow as successful readers and engaged citizens," said Fischer.