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Get to Know Mrs. Reynolds

In the next year, I will be spending a great deal of time with your child and learning about you and your family. So, it is only fair that you know some things about me. I grew up in Clinton, Michigan, a village smaller than Middleville. My undergraduate degree is from Hope College with dual certification in elementary education and special education. I completed my masters in Elementary Literacy through Walden University in 2006. I have been a teacher since 1996; the first 6 years were in Hamilton Community Schools. In 2002, I started at Lee Elementary, and I have been here ever since. GO TK!
I live in Kentwood, with my husband, Josh and my two children. I am a TK parent, too! My husband, Josh, has two degrees from Grand Valley, business and education. He teaches 5th grade at Page. He also coaches the TK boy’s cross-country team. So you'll catch me cheering on his team every weekend in the fall. Camden is now middle school-er, that is so hard for me to believe. He loves the technology, drawing, playing with Legos, swimming, and reading. Carmen is full of personality and loves to do whatever her brother does. She loves to read, draw, and being at school. She says McFall is the best place to be!
My Favorites
Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream
Favorite Drink: Soy Latte
Favorite Food: Veggie Burrito
Favorite Children's Book: Thank You Mr.Falker
Favorite Store: Target
Favorite Music: Everything (but Rap)
Favorite Movie: Impossible to choose!
Favorite TV show: The Big Bang Theory
Color: Lime Green
Indoor Activity: Reading
Outdoor Activity: Running and Kayaking