Samuel Thaler » Hello!


Born and raised in Middleville, I am excited to be teaching another year as a Trojan! After graduating from GVSU, I spent my first 3 years teaching in Grand Haven. Since 2018, I have been blessed to teach 2nd & 3rd grade PE here in the TK District.


My wife, Kelley, and I live in Middleville. She works as a nurse for Spectrum Health. Currently we have 2 children. We are thankful to God for the blessing they have been in our lives'. As a family, we enjoy being active, watching movies, playing board/card games, doing home improvements, and spending time with friends and family. Outside of those hobbies, I am an avid sports fan of Michigan football and basketball, as well as the Detroit Lions.


2nd and 3rd graders have always been my favorite to have in class, because of the excitement and enthusiasm they show each and every day for PE. I love interacting with students and getting to know them and their interests better. It is one of my favorite parts of the job! It is my goal to give our students the tools and skills to be able to live an active lifestyle outside of school. While I tend to be more passionate about team sports, I understand that not everyone is, which is why we do a variety of activities in PE, in addition to team sports. It is my hope, that through Phys. Ed. every student will find at least one activity they are passionate about and can participate in to live an active life.


Go Blue! Go Lions! Go Trojans!