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My name is Jennifer Gavette, and I've been teaching at TK Schools for a little over 20 years.  My very first year at TK I was an eighth grade Language Arts teacher at the Middle School.  The following year I switched to 2nd grade and taught those lovely littles for over 15 years!  I loved it there but felt like I needed a little change.  So...I switched to 3rd grade and have been team teaching with Mrs. Hannapel for the last few years.  I am in charge of math, science and social studies while Mrs. Hannapel handles everything language arts! 

          TK Schools is a great place to be.  The students, parents and staff are friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. I feel fortunate to be a part of a wonderful and generous community.  

           My family and I live right around the corner from Duncan Lake.  I have three kids: My oldest son, Caleb, attends Baker College. My middle son, Cameron, is at Davenport University. My youngest son, Tyler, is a junior at TKHS. My husband, Dave,  works at Our Daily Bread Ministries.  I also have a ten year old labradoodle named Mazee who we love dearly.  A couple years ago, we rescued a beagle mix named Blue who has certainly been a wonderful addition to our family.  My entire family is sports enthusiasts so I am a busy mom carting kids to football, basketball, and baseball practices and games. My favorite sport is volleyball, but I enjoy watching and participating in almost any sport.  

            My goal for this school year is to have fun with your child  - with a lot of learning thrown in as well :-).  I want your child to be happy to come to school, to love to learn new things and to feel safe and important in our classroom.  2022-2023 is sure to be a big growth year for your child.  I'm excited to be a part of it!